Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

On my journey around the allotments I noticed a number of recycled elements to each plot. Tin cans, plastic bottles, CD's, pegs, plastic bags and all sorts were being used as bird scarers, plants labels and ties. This made me think about my own project and the way gardeners are happy to 'make do and mend'. Maybe I could incorporate some of these recycled materials that gardeners seem so eager to use. These materials are all durable and have been tried and tested, weathered and knocked about....this could be a great element to add to my work...

A plastic boat acting as a water butt.

Coke cans clash in the wind as bird scarers.

Captain Scarlet scares the birds away.

The trusty peg...used to pin up netting around precious vegetables.

A full sized bath works as a water container.

Recycled plastic bottles used as plant labels.

CD's catch the sun and scare away the birds.

A plastic bottle used as a post and a bird scarer.

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