Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Project...

I am a third year Crafts student at the University of Derby.
I love my course and get very excited by crafty, pretty things. I am always making things, which are normally small scale and some type of jewellery or accessory.

My current project is a lead up to the big bad final project, after which is the final degree show and then New Designers in London.
So I'll start with a quick summary of my work so far...I love working with wood and fabric and really enjoyed the print work I did in my second year. I started my project wanting to create my own floral fabric with a hint of vintage style so I created some prints from photographs and drawings of flowers.

Photographs of Flowers, September 2009

With the printed floral fabric I started embellishing the design on my sewing machine and making simple zip up bags to brush up on my sewing skills.
I then decided to introduce another material into my work to make it durable and hardwearing so I started to experiment with ply wood...

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