Thursday, 22 April 2010

Computer Aided Design

I have been playing around with three-dimensional design on my computer. The models I have created aren't to scale as I have the free version of the program which doesn't allow you to scale it! But it has been very helpful in my design process to see how the final product will look. I have designed full aprons and some accessories for the berry apron I am going to make next and some accessories for the herb apron.

Friday, 16 April 2010

New Herbs...

Today I added to my collection of herbs to draw/photograph/ are a few pictures...

Oregano: Perennial, dark green aromatic leaves and white flowers, hot peppery flavour

Garlic Chives: Clump forming perennial, long flat leaves, pretty white flowers

Chamomile: Creeping perennial, creamy double white flowers, sweet apple scented

Fennel: Tall and graceful perennial herb, fine green leaves, bright yellow flowers

Compact Marjoram: Small, very neat for of Marjoram, perennial, dark green leaves and pink flowers

Pineapple Sage: Half Hardy perennial, bright scarlet flowers, pineapple scented

Rosemary: Clear white flowers, bright green foliage

French Tarragon: Perennial, superior flavour

I have also pressed a sprig of each herb to dry them out...

Attachments for Herb Apron

I have now sewn up and finished the basic apron shape that will become the Herb Apron and I have made some mock-up attachments for it just to see how the herbs will go into the pockets and to make sure the secateurs will fit into the sleeve.
I have planned that the apron will have three attachments:

  • Secateurs Pocket
  • Herb Tube (for herbs picked with their stalks)
  • Herb Pot- divided into two compartments (for leaves and smaller cuttings)

Thursday, 15 April 2010


Today was such a nice sunny day I decided to photograph spring in action. These are just in my front garden but there were so many photo opportunities...

Monday, 12 April 2010


I went to a lovely garden centre today in Boreham where I bought some herbs for growing/drawing/photographing. I am hoping that these will inspire me for a print for the Herb Apron by drawing and photographing them. I will also be looking at the characteristics of the herbs and read up on how they are cut/stored to make sure the apron is practical yet aesthetically pleasing. I want to try and make the accessories as practical as possible.

Thyme: Bushy, lemon scented, marbled white and green leaves

French Parsley: Plain green leaf, much used in Mediterranean region

Mint: Well-known Perennial, bright hairless leaves, long spikes of lilac flowers

Peppermint: Highly aromatic perennial, dark purple stems, reddish-green leaves, spikes of mauve flowers