Monday, 12 April 2010


I went to a lovely garden centre today in Boreham where I bought some herbs for growing/drawing/photographing. I am hoping that these will inspire me for a print for the Herb Apron by drawing and photographing them. I will also be looking at the characteristics of the herbs and read up on how they are cut/stored to make sure the apron is practical yet aesthetically pleasing. I want to try and make the accessories as practical as possible.

Thyme: Bushy, lemon scented, marbled white and green leaves

French Parsley: Plain green leaf, much used in Mediterranean region

Mint: Well-known Perennial, bright hairless leaves, long spikes of lilac flowers

Peppermint: Highly aromatic perennial, dark purple stems, reddish-green leaves, spikes of mauve flowers

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