Friday, 16 April 2010

New Herbs...

Today I added to my collection of herbs to draw/photograph/ are a few pictures...

Oregano: Perennial, dark green aromatic leaves and white flowers, hot peppery flavour

Garlic Chives: Clump forming perennial, long flat leaves, pretty white flowers

Chamomile: Creeping perennial, creamy double white flowers, sweet apple scented

Fennel: Tall and graceful perennial herb, fine green leaves, bright yellow flowers

Compact Marjoram: Small, very neat for of Marjoram, perennial, dark green leaves and pink flowers

Pineapple Sage: Half Hardy perennial, bright scarlet flowers, pineapple scented

Rosemary: Clear white flowers, bright green foliage

French Tarragon: Perennial, superior flavour

I have also pressed a sprig of each herb to dry them out...

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