Thursday, 25 March 2010

Herb Apron

Here are the designs I have sketched for the herb apron. The apron will fit over the head and tie or button round the sides. It will only come down to halfway in the back as any longer would be unnecessary. I will probably use the shape and design of the accessories I made last term for herb and seed holders. I will also consider whether the accessories need to be detachable or if they can be fixed onto the apron.

This design has semi-circular pockets that are attached to the apron in which herbs can be placed when they are being cut. The pockets each have a screen printed label which identifies which herb should go in which pocket.

I like this design although it would be hard to generalise the combination of herbs that would be written on the labels as there are so many herbs and not everybody grows the same combination.  Therefore, I think it would be better to have pockets which did not specify which herb should go in that particular pocket.

This design has three simpler pockets that could be used for general collection of herbs. The attachments could be detachable or fixed onto the apron.

I think I will also add a pocket for secateurs and any other handy things that a herb gardener might need.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Halfway through...

I had my interim review today...I have so much to do!

I have decided to focus on uses for the aprons rather than just general use garden aprons. This is because there are so many different things that people grow in their gardens and so many things to do. I have come up with some ideas for aprons that can be made from the apron designs I have done but can have interchangeable or fixed attachments for a specific use.

The three ideas that I have decided to pursue are:
  • Herb Apron
  • Rose Apron
  • Soft fruit Apron
I have chosen these because they are all for completely different uses and can be very distinct in their practicalities and appearance.

I will start straight away with the herb apron as this is the one I am most confident with...

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Print and Lettering

From the pictures I took of some of my favourite things I have been drawing some designs which could be used as prints for the aprons. I like the idea of using plant label prints which would identify the apron and what it is to be used for. I've also been sketching some garden tools for print inspiration...

I will also be putting some text onto the aprons so I as well as looking at the lettering on the books that I showed in my last post, I have been looking at some of the postcards that my Grandad  printed when he worked in printing. I have noticed the clear, bold text that is used which makes it easy to read and quite simple, this is what I would need on any text going on my aprons.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

A few of my favourite things...

I'm desperately trying to decide on a print design for the final aprons and I'm hoping to have the final design by the end of the week.
To help me create a design I collected together a few of my favourite things to photograph. The objects I collected together include a vintage trug that I love, old bottles, dried flowers and battered old tins. I wanted to look at shape and form as well as lettering on the objects for lettering that could go onto the aprons...

The next stage is to draw from these still lives, picking out shapes and compositions that would work well on an apron. I will also consider lettering for the final designs including font as well as words.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Mock-up Aprons

I have been making some mock-up aprons to get some idea of shape, size and fastenings. When I have decided on the best design for a practical and usable garden apron I will try it out with the plywood, fabric material.
I have had to take into consideration the properties of the material the final aprons will be made from, considering the way it moves and sits on the body and how it can be fastened.
I have also been thinking about attachments for the aprons, considering what they will be used for, the shape they will need to be and the general practicalities of them.

Another factor I have had to consider is the final print design that will go onto the aprons. I have been sketching some plant labels and looked over the flowers print designs I did last term...

Here are a few of the apron designs I have been working on, considering the properties and movement of the material they will be made from.