Friday, 12 March 2010

Mock-up Aprons

I have been making some mock-up aprons to get some idea of shape, size and fastenings. When I have decided on the best design for a practical and usable garden apron I will try it out with the plywood, fabric material.
I have had to take into consideration the properties of the material the final aprons will be made from, considering the way it moves and sits on the body and how it can be fastened.
I have also been thinking about attachments for the aprons, considering what they will be used for, the shape they will need to be and the general practicalities of them.

Another factor I have had to consider is the final print design that will go onto the aprons. I have been sketching some plant labels and looked over the flowers print designs I did last term...

Here are a few of the apron designs I have been working on, considering the properties and movement of the material they will be made from.

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