Friday, 19 February 2010

Mini Apron

I wanted to make a piece that combines all the techniques and processes used so far, adapting some of them to create a functional and wearable item. With my new technique of sticking the squares of plywood onto the fabric before stitching it is a lot easier to create bigger pieces of the fabric. I started my design with the generic full apron shape and I drew the basic shape onto a piece of squared screen printed fabric. I wanted to start small so as not to waste any fabric or plywood just in case the laser cutting machine wouldn't do exactly what I wanted! I then transferred this design into illustrator ready for the laser cutter. It took a while to work out how to get the plywood squares in line with the screen printed squares on the fabric but I eventually worked it out and the laser cutting machine got to work.

I then stuck the broken shape onto the fabric, lining up the squares with the squares of the fabric.

The next stage was to stitch between all the pieces of plywood...

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