Tuesday, 2 February 2010


So my next big decision is deciding what my final collection will be for the degree show...I have a number of options from the tests I did last term but am slowly narrowing them down. Here are two ideas that are in the pipeline:

This would be continued from the articulated tests that I did last term. I created a strong and durable fabric which moved freely and would be great as some kind of protection or tool pouch for a gardener. The fabric was created by sewing squares or triangles of ply wood between two pieces of screen printed calico. The idea of an apron for a gardener would be to protect whilst gardening and to have a number of separate uses such as a tool pocket, crop holder or waste pouch.

Seed Shakers/Containers or a Belt with gardening attachments:
These would be continued from the formed tests made last term. I am particularly drawn to the triangular shape that I created last term and think it worked really well in the tests I did attaching them to the body. These would work well as seed containers or shakers and could easily be attached to a belt.

OR...a mixture of the two!

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